That day, the boy walked all the streets of the town alone. Late at night, he came home with his tired legs almost numb. He found that the window of the girl's house was still on. The slim silhouette printed on the pink curtain did not comb his hair, but sat still. The boy's face began to burn again. He wanted to knock on the girl's door and say something to her. But in the end, he did nothing. He has been a senior two student, a hazy and different feeling and impulse, has tortured him for a long time in the body of youth. The next day, the girl did not go home with the boy. The third day, the fourth day For a whole week, the girl didn't come to him. The girl was picked up by his father, a strong, unsmiling middle-aged man. The boy suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of loss and loss. He can't read or do exercises. In the pages and on the straw paper, there are beautiful figures and gentle smiles of girls. Every day after school, when he walked alone through the "black hole", he felt fear for the first time in his life. Without the temperature of the girl's palm, he felt that he had been swallowed by the bottomless darkness. Just when the boy was so depressed that he almost despaired, the girl suddenly found him. She didn't say anything, but she slipped a letter to the boy and ran away. The boy felt his hands shaking uncontrollably. What will the letter say? condemn? abuse? Or He opened the envelope with trembling. At the moment of reading the letter, he could hear his heart beating clearly.